Today’s Forecast: I Can’t Feel My Feet

Jan 29, 2019


It is that time of the year – thick socks, wool scarfs, heavy jackets. For many of us that means staying indoors, under the blankets and packing on some extra pounds. Although, falling into the couch-potato life-style-mode can be tempting – and oh so easy – during these cold winter months, you shouldn’t let the weather keep you from being active.

Not convinced? Here are some facts that may help us sway you into getting off that couch and moving. Did you know that during the winter months:

  1. Your muscles get tighter.
  2. Your joints swell.
  3. Your blood sugar levels rise.
  4. You can experience migraines more often and intensely.
  5. Your mood is often affected negatively – the well-known winter blues.

All in all, winter has been scientifically proven to be a not-so-fun time of the year for, both, your body and your mind. That is enough to make you jump to your feet! But the cold outside may still keep you from doing things like morning jogs or going for bike rides. And, that is why we are here to help – there are plenty of activities you can do indoors where you will be warm but also healthy.

So, keep reading and take some notes – your body will thank you!

staying indoors

Stay Cozy, Stay Healthy – Winter Indoor Activities

Staying active seems to be hard enough during warmer seasons, not to mention during the colder ones – there are days when the weather may be too bad to go for a walk, other days we struggle to find a reason to even get out of bed. But there are many ways to get physical without having to venture out into the cold. Instead of reaching for the remote, make your time inside count.

Things like hand weights and resistance bands are some of options you can use to make any exercise a little more intense. Feel free to use them whenever you perform any of the indoor activities listed below.

  • Turn that music on and start moving. Maybe you have a favorite playlist, maybe you like jazz, maybe you like salsa. Whatever it is you prefer, just plug it in and let the moves fly.
  • Clean your house. This is a great time for you to do some deep cleaning. After all, you are “stuck” at home anyway. Clean out your closets, get all that junk out of the garage, or rearrange your living room space.
  • Climb some stairs. Climb as many stairs as you can. If you don’t have stairs, you can also mimic the movements of stair climbing – simply lift one knee at a ninety-degree angle from your hip then do the same with the other.
  • Play interactive games. With technology growing more and more each day, gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii have become great exercising options. Try playing a round of virtual baseball with the kids.
  • Sit on a stability ball. Instead of laying on the couch or sitting on your favorite recliner, try spending some time sitting on a stability ball. They can strengthen your core and keep your posture aligned.
  • Do some yoga. Restorative and relaxing activities like yoga and tai chi are also great for building strength and increasing flexibility. There are known to not only restore your body, but also your mind.
  • Try a workout DVD. Don’t have a DVD? Tune into a fitness channel or create your own workout routine at home. This is a great option for all age groups – you can adapt your routine to whatever you feel most comfortable.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends an average of 25 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per day for most healthy adults. Small amounts of moderate aerobic activities do count, and when added up throughout the day it can provide great health benefits.

You may be asking yourself what are aerobic activities. Well, these can even be simple tasks which you usually complete around the house – some of the above-mentioned exercises included – like sweeping, mopping or vacuuming.


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