Upon walking in for my first appointment, I felt welcomed by the staff. They are courteous, professional and all-around kind. Dr. Clark took his time to answer all my questions and was willing to listen to everything I had to say. I definitely would give a 10-star review if there were 10 stars to give, but I’ll settle with 5.


One of the most used and yet ignored parts of the body are the feet and ankles. It is not easy to find quality doctors who treat these areas completely. Look no further! Dr. Baczewski and staff are a top-notch team and can solve your problems for you in a very thorough manner. I give them five stars, and truly appreciate their thoroughness of treatment. They are easily accessed from anywhere on the Seacoast and come with very high ratings.


I highly recommend Northeast Foot and Ankle! The staff are kind and friendly and they do their jobs well. Dr. Baczewski was very helpful in treating my foot issues – She communicates well, and my surgery and follow-up have gone extremely well. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. Highly recommend!!


I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Jennifer Sartori at Northeast Foot & Ankle. Dr. Sartori has a pleasant demeanor as do all of the office employees. I am now pain-free, and I appreciate the friendly customer service and thorough care I received for my plantar fasciitis.


They were able to diagnose a broken toe which was overlooked by another doctor’s office. Speedy service, in-office x-ray, and very professional staff. I’m finally on the mend after weeks of lingering symptoms and discomfort. Thank you, Dr. Sartori!


After looking for a podiatrist I got a recommendation from someone about Northeast Foot and Ankle, so I decided to give them a try. I went in to see Dr. Allen Clark and I was able to get an appointment within days. During my visit the front desk staff were very welcoming and friendly, and the doctor was prompt for my appointment time, he was professional and answered any questions or concerns I had. I feel that the staff is all about the best care for the patients, so I highly recommend them if you are looking for a good foot doctor.


Both my wife and I had an operation by Dr. Sartori on our feet, she was excellent. Getting an appointment was a breeze compared to other specialists, they were very accommodating, and the operation corrected our problems. This is the most efficient medical office I personally have encountered.


The ladies at Portsmouth Foot and Ankle are wonderful. I had a chronic foot issue that had been bothering me for years. Other specialists didn’t know how to treat it effectively and I had given up hope. Dr. Baczewski, along with the state-of-the-art technology they have at the office, was easily able to eliminate my problem in a short period of time with very little commitment on my end. Amazing.


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