At Northeast Foot and Ankle, your time with us is just as important a part of your care as the foot and ankle treatments we prescribe.

We strive not to be the “typical” doctor’s office some might picture visiting. You know; the kind where you wait forever only to spend 5 minutes with a hurried, distracted doctor before being shuffled out the door with a prescription for who knows what?

Our ideal appointment is a part of the treatment process. We take the time to be thorough during our time with you, not only in our examination but in asking questions and listening fully to what you have to say. We also encourage you to ask questions, so that we have a full understanding of what you are feeling and experiencing. We are clear in our explanations of what the problem is and our recommendations for taking care of it.

Patients should leave our office with full confidence in and reassurance of the road ahead—if they don’t already have the relief they need! The expert podiatrists at our Portsmouth and Nashua locations use conservative treatments whenever possible, and will fully discuss more advanced options with patients when necessary.

We treat a wide breadth of foot and ankle conditions, including the following:

Heel Pain

Heel pain can strike at any age and stem from a variety of causes. While the most common source of heel pain tends to be plantar fasciitis, others such as heel spurs, stress fractures, and tendinitis may also be at play.

Once the cause of a patient’s heel pain is determined, we take an aggressive approach toward helping them find relief quickly. Treatment options may include simple rest, night splints, orthotics, shockwave (EPAT) therapy, cortisone injections, or PRP injections.

bunion treatment


If you have been reluctant to see a doctor about your painful bunions due to the fear they will need surgery, don’t be! A great number of bunion cases can be managed through conservative means to help relieve discomfort and slow the progression of that bony bump along the side of your foot.

The sooner a bunion starts to be addressed, the better the overall results will be. Surgery is only considered as an option if other methods will not provide desired results. The foot doctors at our Nashua and Portsmouth locations will be sure to discuss these options with you completely.

Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a “weekend warrior,” nobody is fully immune to sports injuries. This type of injury can range from accidental fractures and sprains to overuse injuries such as tendinitis and shin splints.

Treatment for a sports injury to the foot or ankle often includes rest and physical therapy. We won’t just place you on the sideline; we will also help you build an alternative exercise plan that will help you get back into the game at full strength, as well as suggest means to help prevent such injuries from happening again.

child sport inury
achilles tendinitis

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is strong, but can be a source of plenty of pain and trouble when it becomes inflamed. While Achilles tendonitis can be the result of a sports injury, it can also arise from the consequences of daily work and life.

Treatment for Achilles tendonitis may involve the use of custom-made orthotics to help redistribute the body’s weight, lifestyle changes that involve stretching and lower-impact exercises, or advanced treatments such as laser therapy.

Flat Feet

Flat feet are most often the result of inheritance. If one or both of your parents have flat feet, you are more likely to as well.

There are times when flat feet are not a concern. In some cases, however, this abnormal foot structure and the gait it may cause can lead to pain and inflammation in the foot, ankle, or lower leg.

Orthotics can provide a great help in redistributing the weight and forces that may be causing pain from flat feet. Physical therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and icing may also be recommended.

neuroma treatment


If you feel that you might have a pebble in the front of your shoe, it might be a neuroma. This benign growth of nerve tissue is the result of the nerves responding to irritation, but unfortunately tends to lead only to more pain and irritation from the sufferer.

The primary neuromas treatment  involves lessening the irritation of the nerve tissue, and may involve lifestyle changes (such as roomier footwear) or orthotics. Corticosteroid injections may also be recommended to reduce swelling.

Skin & Nail Conditions

We often are exposing our feet to the dark, semi-damp and enclosed environment of shoes for the majority of the day, and with that can come a whole host of skin and nail conditions, including painful ingrown toenails. Even when our feet come out and we allow them to be free, they’re still on the front lines against the world, potentially coming into contact with pathogens and other harmful objects, such as wall corners and table legs. Unsurprisingly, ingrown toenails, plantar warts, and many other skin and nail conditions can easily develop due to such environmental factors.

Fortunately, ingrown toenail treatment, plantar wart treatment, and many other skin and nail treatments are available here at our Portsmouth or Nashua offices, providing you with a much better solution for your issues than trying to remedy them at home. Any of our podiatrists would be more than happy to help alleviate your skin and nail issues, and also provide advice about general foot care tips for continued good health.

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The Treatment You Need with the Care You Deserve

Potential foot and ankle treatments can exist on a broad spectrum, and determining whether you simply need some rest or could better benefit from an advanced treatment takes an examination from a thorough and caring podiatrist.

Our expert staff in Nashua and Portsmouth see patients from all over New Hampshire, including Dover, North Hampton, Greenland, and Stratham, and are here to listen to your needs and arrange with you the best treatment to match your physical needs as well as the needs of your life. Give us a call at (603) 431-6070 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you as soon as we can.