EPAT (Shockwave) Therapy

Every week, patients come to our offices from all over New Hampshire and even Maine looking for answers for their chronic foot pain. Most have been suffering for months; a few have had symptoms for years. And nothing they’ve done has seemed to help.

If chronic foot or ankle pain is part of your life, an advanced treatment called Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT therapy), sometimes considered a form of “shockwave therapy,” may be precisely what you need.

This breakthrough, FDA-approved, and scientifically backed procedure helps injured, inflamed tissues repair themselves faster and more effectively—all without injections, anesthesia, drugs, or significant side effects!

EPAT therapy is highly effective in treating inflammatory soft tissue conditions such as:

What Is EPAT Therapy? How Does It Work?

The EPAT therapy device generates pressure waves that are “pulsed” into your injured tissues through a wand that rests on top of your skin. (“Extracorporeal” means “outside the body”—there are no incisions or injections required.)

These pulses mildly “irritate” your body’s cells. While this doesn’t harm them, it does trigger a metabolic response. Blood flow increases to the injured area, supplying it with more oxygen and nutrients and draining waste products. Pain decreases, inflammation decreases, and tissue regeneration processes happen more quickly.

Over several sessions, results continue to improve as your body regains its ability to fight off the inflammation and repair itself. For most people, this means significant-to-complete relief of the injury without surgery, even if the condition has been chronic for many months or years.

What Is the Treatment Course? What Can I Expect?

Individual EPAT therapy treatment sessions usually only take about 15 minutes, although it depends on the size of the area that requires treatment. We’ll apply a thin layer of gel to the skin to improve contact with the applicator and ensure even distribution of pulses.

Most people do not experience any significant discomfort during or after the procedure. Some mild soreness or light bruising can sometimes be present for a few days afterward. Please let us know if you experience any discomfort.

Treatment sessions are performed on a weekly basis, and the number of sessions required can vary depending on the type, location, and severity of the initial condition. Most people only need around 3-5 sessions to achieve optimal relief, although up to 12 weeks may be required for the most serious cases.

Although EPAT therapy may not work for everyone, 4 out of 5 people say they are satisfied with the treatment. It’s also extremely safe, with minimal side effects and very few contraindications.

It’s Time to Get Your Life Back

Ignoring chronic pain might seem like the “easy way out,” and many people choose to live with it a long time before seeking help. But in reality, pain that keeps you from enjoying your activities and getting exercise only makes things harder and harder.

At Northeast Foot & Ankle, we offer many advanced therapies (including EPAT therapy) designed to get people with foot and ankle pain back on their feet as quickly, safely, and conservatively as possible. Our mission is simple: get you back to doing what you love. Visit our Portsmouth or Nashua office to get the foot care you deserve.

To request an appointment or more information, give us a call at (603) 431-6070.