At Northeast Foot and Ankle, we carry several products that are carefully selected to provide the best possible outcome for a variety of common foot ailments. Many of these products are not typically found over the counter at local drug stores. We want to give our patients easy access to the items they need to recover from foot and ankle conditions as safely and as quickly as possible.

On this page, you will find foot and ankle products of the highest quality for amazing prices! Whether you need orthotic inserts for heel pain or you are looking for topical solutions for a fungal nail, we got your back – and your feet.

Athlete’s Foot

Clean Sweep - $15

A powerful spray used to eliminate foot odor-causing bacteria and fungus.

Fungifoam - $25

A topical solution used to treat athlete’s foot by quickly penetrating the skin, calming that itching sensation while still providing moisture.

Fungal Nails

Formula 3 - $40

A safe and effective antifungal topical solution, used to treat fungal nails.

Formula 7 - $45

A topical solution formulated with cosmetic ingredients that rehydrate and restore the natural physical properties and appearance of skin and nails.

Ingrown Toenails

Amerigel - $20

A gel that provides a moist wound healing environment to minimize scarring and maximize healing. 

Amerigel Wound Kit - $30

Kit comes with everything you need for ingrown toenail surgery post-op care, including bandages, topical cream, and first-aid cleanser.


Accommodative Orthotics - $290

These custom-made devices are made to cushion, pad, and relieve pressure from painful or injured areas on the bottom of the foot.

Custom Orthotics - $475

These versatile medical devices are custom-made to fit your unique foot shape, providing the exact support and protection your feet need.

Lynco - $52

Inserts for arches with forefoot pain, featuring a cupped heel to cushion and stabilize the back of foot and a metatarsal pad to redistribute weight to relieve ball-of-foot discomfort. 

Powersteps - $45

A leading brand of insoles and professional orthotics that balances, supports, and cushions the feet and relieves foot pain.


Crest Pads - $7 each

Made from soft, durable materials, this product lifts and supports hammertoes, claw toes, and arthritic toes, relieving stress, easing pressure, and eliminating foot pain.

Felt Pads - $6/pack

Made of soft, comfortable material, these pads help relieve pressure and prevent friction on areas on the foot that may need it.

Gel Roll - $25

Made of a soft gel material, this product helps cushion and relieve pressure from painful areas on the foot.

Gel Sleeves - $15 for 3

Instant cushion for toe irritations. Gel sleeves absorb pressure and friction while staying in place without adhesive. They are also washable!

Heel Lifts / Cups - $4 each

Made from a durable and comfortable material, these devices are a great way to relieve heel pain and address leg length discrepancies.

Toe Spacers - $2.50 for 5

Made from soft and durable materials, toe spacers help maintain proper toe alignment, prevent rubbing, and relieve pressure.

Pain Care

Colig-10 - $35

An all-natural dietary supplement that nourishes tendons, ligaments, and tissues, as well as improves joint health and function. Ingredients include tumeric, hyaluronic acid, and collagen just to name a few.

Post-op Care

Ice Packs - $4 each

Icing is often used to treat many foot and ankle conditions.

Shower Limb Protector (Cast Bag) - $12

Used to protect limbs/casts from exposure to water while showering.


Anodyne - $145

These shoes are made to provide a high quality of comfort and support.  They come in many different styles to accommodate fashion preferences.

Dr. Comfort Shoes - $145

From diabetic shoes to sandals to athletic footwear, Dr. Comfort provides some of the most supportive and comfortable shoes out there!

Skin Care

Adessa Socks - $28

A pair of moisturizing gel socks filled with vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils that soothe and rehydrate dry, rough feet from heel to toe.

Amerigel Lotion - $20

A topical solution that provides a moist wound environment to promote natural wound healing from cuts, scrapes, wounds, and ulcers.

Kamea - $20
A foot cream that hydrates, moisturizes, and conditions the skin, improving the appearance of dry, rough, and callused feet.
Revitaderm - $25

A sophisticated skin care product that hydrates and revitalizes the appearance of skin.


Aarica - $20

A topical solution that helps reduce excessive perspiration and the risk of developing unsightly plantar warts.

Vircin - $35

A topical compound which includes an anti-viral medication in conjunction with salicylic acid to combat plantar warts.