My Feet Hurt…Is It Arthritis?

Jan 10, 2023

Do your feet hurt after long walks or any type of physical activity? Does the pain stay with you throughout the day and sometimes even leave you up at night? You may wonder if it could be arthritis – a common disorder among adults. Arthritis affects more than 50 million people in America, making learning about its symptoms and treatments all the more critical.

Signs of Arthritis in Your Feet

  • Joint stiffness
  • Joint pain or tenderness
  • Joint swelling or redness
  • Pain or discomfort when active
  • Joint deformity

Tips for Relieving Arthritis Pain During the Winter

While arthritis can affect people year-round, some people notice symptoms worsen during specific times of the year, especially the winter. Here are a few of our tips to get some arthritis relief during the cold winter months.

Wear warm clothes!
Keep feet warm by wearing socks and slippers around the house. Wear dry, warm socks and boots when going outside.

Apply heat to achy joints.
Heating pads are a life-saver during the cold months—apply them on your feet for temporary relief.

Ice, Ice, Baby.
Some people find that icing works better than heat—try icing for pain relief.

Feeling frigid? Try soaking your feet in warm water for a few minutes to warm up and get some relief for those stiff joints.

Get up and get moving.
Exercise can help you loosen up your stiff joints and reduce pain. Opt for indoor activities if it’s cold, snowy, or icy.

Try OTC pain medication.
To help reduce pain and swelling, try over-the-counter pain relief medication if needed.

Get Custom Orthotics.
These versatile medical devices are custom-made to fit your unique foot shape, providing the exact support and protection your feet need. Learn more about custom orthotics.

Try MLS laser therapy.
MLS stands for Multiwave Locked System. It’s a laser therapy system that uses a pair of synchronized, robotically controlled lasers to stimulate natural cellular activity to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling within the area. Learn more about this treatment.

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