Aug 9, 2017

Today we are doing our best to tackle a tough topic. We are frequently asked about the usage of opiods and their safely. 

Abuse and/or overly prescribing narcotic medications is extremely dangerous. Narcotics are only safe when used appropriately as prolonged use can lead to dependency issues.

The physicians at Northeast Foot and Ankle are taking the opioid crisis in New Hampshire seriously. The state is also adding additional safety measures and regulations to help reduce abuse. As prescribers, the state of New Hampshire is regulating how we prescribe narcotic medication. If you do receive narcotics from us you will sign a pain contract with our office. This is something we take very seriously and adhere to. You will also take a screening questionnaire.  It is very important to know, taking this screening exam alone with not prevent you from getting pain medication prescription if you need it. It is a tool we use to determine if a patient may develop a problem with addiction.

We also fully support non-narcotic pain management. Pain medication is one of the last options we use when managing a patient’s pain. Other OTC or prescription anti-inflammatory medications, both oral and topical, are great at controlling foot pain. Recently, we have started using a product called Co-Lig 10, which is an all natural supplement made up of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to promote joint, tendon and ligament health along with reduce inflammation.

We routinely do cortisone injections in the office when applicable to get pain levels down efficiently. We also have a musculoskeletal laser aimed at treating foot pain and inflammation. We offer PRP (platelet rich plasma injections) which use the patient’s own cells to heal themselves. We recently started offering EPAT or shockwave therapy (Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT)) to treat plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

There are numerous physical therapy locations we have great relationships with here on the Seacoast, all of whom have helped our patients in pain tremendously. In conjunction with these locations we are able to get our patients back on their feet, back to activity.
We also encourage our patients to try alternative and holistic options; massage, meditation, yoga and acupuncture are all proven to help relieve stress and decrease pain. We support all our patients who would like to try these options.

If you have any questions regarding opioid alternatives please give our office a call.

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